A huge thanks to Jilli and team for the excellent care you have given our Pepper dog over the last four years. Our 6Kg labradoodle was always clean and not stressed while with you. A big thing for me was after her first visit with you she wanted to jump and lick on you rather than great us! that shows she was taken care of and treated with respect. Your facilities are so very clean and you run a tight ship. Also, we were impressed how careful you are in making sure shots are up to date. Pepper dog highly recommends this 5 star resort to all, woof, woof. Susan Casselman, Ulverstone


Thank you so much for looking after Greta Jill.  I have just read the email from Greta. Nice touch. It is obvious you run a caring and professional service that I will recommend and use again.

Kind regards



Hi Jill,

On behalf of my owner and myself I just want to thank you for looking after me so well while my owner was in the USA.  I will recommend you to all my K9 friends.   I miss our little chats and cuddles and look forward to coming back for a visit one day.   Thanks for everything.

Ruby and Bob.



Hallo Jill and staff,

I want to thank you so much for helping us out as you did.  The move we made in taking Adam to you was the best decision we’ve ever made!  And he has obviously had great care with wonderful people.    We will get some Technyflex for Adam as it will help him now and into the future.

Kind regards,
Hope P.





Thank you once again Jill for looking after us.  We had the most wonderful holiday and told our owners all about it.   ‘They were very please to see us in such good physical condition and that we were happily wagging our tails all the way home.

We certainly look forward to coming again.

All the best to you, Kevin, Tink and all our new found friends.

Wuv,   Benji  and  Phoebe Grimshaw




Hi Jill

Just a quick note to say thanks so much for your care of Max and Mirii – I was truly astonished to come home to two calm, happy and unstressed dogs. The last two kennels weren’t good for them – and I felt truly terrible for having put them in that situation. They were so content and cuddly this time – was wonderful to see.

Have put a post on our Kazkiri Landscapers (owners group for people who have GSDs bred by Noreen) facebook page, telling everyone how great it was – there are a few other Kazkiri dogs in Tasmania, so you may end up with some more beautiful sheps at some point. Hope mine behaved themselves. Kind regards, Bonnie Phillips





Hi Jill

Thank you so very much from us for looking after our kids, your service is A1. They all arrived safely today thanks to Kates’s Pet Adventures. Thank you for all of your great advice and recommendations, without it I don’t think the process (moving from WA) would have gone as smooth. As you can see the girls are settling in nicely to their new digs as if nothing ever happened. Regards Janice.





I have a Australian Kelpie X German Shepherd. I was very nervous about putting her into a kennel as it was her first time, and that she is not very fond of other humans (however has many canine friends).

She stayed for 3 days, had a magical time, was well looked after and was freshly groomed with all of her bedding washed when I picked her up. She was very excited to see me but I could tell that she had had a fantastic time and was very eager after saying hello to me to go back and hang with her friends again! She even licked Jill (the owners’) hand as we were leaving.
It was well priced, had excellent facilities and the owners truly are compassionate about the animals that stay there and I am more than happy to send Lucy back for her next adventure.
Everyone must send their pets here even just for their own holiday – it was a truly magical experience that Lucy nor I will forget. 🙂 Jess O’Malley




Hi Jill,

I just want to say a very big thankyou once again for looking after our little man, Murphy.

When my husband and I were invited to attend two family occasions on mainland Australia I was in a panic about placing our precious little dog Murphy with strangers while we were away. I want to say that I was so relieved when I met Jill at the beautiful Country Club and found a perfect retreat, home away from home for our little boy.

The orientation night is a fantastic idea and allowed both Jill and our pet to becom acquainted. The care with which Jill and Kevin treat all their furry guests is second to none. Murphy wa so relaxed there that when we picked him up and Jill handed him over to me it took half a minute before he realised he was in my arms. I know he would be happy to take a holiday there anytime and I can’t thank you enough.






Good Afternoon,

Thank you so much for looking after our precious dog children and for the extra effort you put into our little girl, we both really appreciated it.
Could we please drop them off on Friday 5th April and collect pm on Tuesday 9th?






Hi Jill,

My partner and I came to visit you after inspecting quite a few kennels on the N.W. coast. Paws A While Country Club are easily the best kennels we have seen and none offered your level of care and comfort. We are pleased to leave our dog in your care.






Thanks Jill. Can’t believe the change in Chloe’s mobility these days! Thanks so much for putting me on to Technyflex.






By Ian Jones

Quality Excellent
Running businesses overseas is never easy and we are often charging down to Launceston airport to spend a couple of weeks in China so we need to know that our cat is being looked after. We found Paws a While via Google and are so glad we did as Jill and Kevin treat Ollie as a family member.

The quality of food and care is outstanding – these people really love animals and are so passionate. I often spend 10-15 mins having a chat when are dropping off or picking up Ollie and am always amazed at their level of devotion to their business and I am so glad they are becoming more successful each time we meet. They have made a big investment financially and emotionally to set up this venture far from their original home and are to be commended on how they conduct it. With stir fry steak one day and tuna the next, Ollie doesn’t want to come home!!!




Hi Jill,

Thank you for having us. We couldn’t stop raving about how wonderful it will be for the boys and how settled they seemed after their
Doggy Orientation. Of course we expect there to be a bit of ‘being unsettled without us (these dogs are Assistant Dogs) but we know they
are certainly in good hands after meeting you. Ralph and Draco will bring along their ‘blankies’ and toys which they love to play with.

Assistance Dogs of Aust.





Hi Jill, Just a quick note to tell you how much my pup enjoyed his visit. He sat up, bright-eyed and happy-dog panting, all the way home,
where he collapsed into a Nanny nap – for 10 minutes; only to leap up, ready to go again. He was like a kid who’d been to a teriffic birthday party!
The fact that he was willing to sit for a time with you, without me there, tells me that you have the right ‘vibe’ for him. I feel completely
confident that the only issue you’ll have will be if the weather’s nasty – then he’ll give you ‘the look’ if you suggest a visit outside would be a good idea.

I am really looking forward to my holiday knowing that my companion will be safe, fed, watered and comfortable.

Cheers, Lesley.





Hi Jill, Thank you very much for all the loving care you gave my little baby boy while he was in your company. Also a big thank you for all
the positive feedback and beautiful things you had to say about him. This was very much appreciated.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and yours.
Anastasia (Dukes Mum)




Hi Jill and Kevin, Just wanted to say a big thank you for looking after Banjo and the Princess. They coped very well with their holiday thanks

to the way you and Kevin looked after them. I am recommending you to everybody. It was nice to go away and be able to enjoyour h oliday
knowing they were being well cared for.

Thanks again,
Dean and Kat.





Hi Jill and Kevin, Once again a BIG THANK YOU for looking after my girls so well for me. They have settled down very well since arriving home,

even Mushka… It’s good to see her looking slimmer and I think Nikki is missing having other dogs for company.

Heather D





Hi Jill and Kevin,

Thank you for looking after our furry babies Vegas and Pudda so well. So well in fact that you were quite right in saying that the dogs don’t want to go home!! When we got Vegas home she hit the depression phase, moped about and was quite lathargic. I think she just enjoyed being around other dogs so much and was very sad to not have those companions anymore. I have mentioned to all my friends the wonderful kennels you have and passed out some of your cards and magnets in hope that they may use you in future.


Mel K.




Hello there Jill and Kevin, THANK -U so much for having our LITTLE MADAM MUCK for the weekend. It was so nice to be able to go away and not

have to worry about Rosie knowing she was being lovingly looked after. We appreciate your care. We hope to pay another ‘Holiday visit’ to see you soon.
Once again – a very big THANK-U

Paul, Michele and big puppy hugs and licks from Rosie.





Hi Jill, I don’t know what you did to my dog, but she is behaving like a puppy – running and skipping along the beach again. You mentioned that you

fed her a special recipe of home made food. She is such a special lady, that anything we can do to make her comfortable, we will.

Now that we know she will be well looked after, we certainly will be going away more often.

Thanks again,

Tim P. and Katie (14 y.o.)





Dear Jill,

Thank you so much for your care of Astro whilst we were away. He came home very relaxed and happy and we will definitely book him in
when we are next away.

Once again, thank you so much!

Regards, C. and M. G





Thank you Jill for your wonderful care of Molly, she has settled down so well this time. We have told every one about your kennels and have

met Halley, the first dog you had there, and they agree that it is the best place.

Thank you, Lynette





Dear Jill and Kevin

We cannot thank you enough for looking after our doglet. Bosun was very bright eyed and bushy tailed when we picked him up
Paws A While Country Club.

We really do want to thank you both. So many bad experience stories from family and friends leaving dogs in kennels, you have the most wonderful
set up, and you have both looked after Bosun so very well.

Love and thanks,
R, J and a lick and jump into your arms from Bosun
Fiesta Cruises