About Us



My name is Sue, and I live with my Fur Babies (Bear, Riffraff, MeeMee, Harley, Harmony, Hazel, Sir Winston and FruFru), and my not so fur babies Mitch (Kennel Master), Amy (Cat Whisperer) and Sandra (Office Guru).

We have stunning accommodation for your Fur Babies (Dogs and Cats) to come and stay when their mummy and daddy have to go away and leave them.  (Even dry nosed people need Time Out).    We know how stressful being apart from your Fur Babies can be, and we want you to be happy knowing that they are also having a great holiday.

The cats have really ‘fun’ accommodation.   Lots of climbing toys and poles, places to hide and best of all, they too have outdoor play areas where they can lounge and survey their domain.    Just spoilt, absolutely spoilt.

We have wonderful expansive turfed exercise areas.  Wow they’re great.   Dogs are allowed to run, jump and roll and most of all they can dig in the many sandpits and not get yelled at.   The grass is nice and cool on our tummies and after all the fun there is lots of cold rain water for us to drink. Not that chlorinated stuff.  Nothing but the best for PAWS A WHILE COUNTRY CLUB guests.

We hope we will see you soon.

Lots of fur baby luv,

Sue and The Paws A While Family